I didn’t know Pommery until I met Inge Fransen at an art gallery in Melbourne. Well known in France, Pommery was a boutique house looking to expand its horizons in Australia and as a stickler for ‘brioche notes’ in my champagnes, I was delighted to come across this incredible brand. My addiction was solidified on an transformative trip to the caves at Reims where I realised the true entrepreneurship of Madame Pommery. Yep, back then they had to wait for the men to die to exercise their commercial creativity, Madame Pommery is the reason we are drinking brut champagne…..she put all her chips on her prediction of the world’s palate before anyone else did and we are the better for it. Marie Antoinette was drinking sugar water, as glamorous as it looked at the time. All hail, Madame Pommery. I’ve been partnering with them on events ever since.

The current owners of the house instal an incredible art exhibition through the caves every couple of years and it is nothing short of spectacular showcasing in excess of 80 artists across multiple disciplines.