Photographic Works




At art school I became obsessed with the sublime amd the beautiful……but in real terms, i.e. is it possible to evoke an intake of breath moment with a single image and if so, is there a formula to a human’s response to that. Multiple 17th century books later I realised there is a formula and it’s not a scientific one (although I’m sure if we tried hard enough we could distill it to one). Rather the formula is feeling…..

If you feel it when you’re creating it, that energy is transferred to every living being that views the work. Every pencil mark must have intention said my favourite lecturer in the world, Ben Joel….if it does that intention reverberates. I used to rush from banking $100m transactions to crying because I couldn’t make the charcoal do what I wanted….and the best work always came when I let go of outcome and just retained curious intention. Well, why on earth did it take me this long to realise it was a metaphor for a joyful life. These photographs and drawings are my curious intention.