Human Condition Trilogy


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Human Condition Trilogy

A stripped back cinematic piece illustrating our collective human condition. Four women collaborating across the UK and Australia, across East and West Coasts and across the disciplines of film, dance and sound. Originally intended as an in-person collaboration this evolved into a virtual work starting in earnest as COVID-19 swept the world and turning into a trilogy that was completed as Europe finally came out of lockdown in 2021. The grace of the work has transcended limitation and provided a lifeline of creativity through tough times. A work centered on the body; on intimacy; our human response to vibration, sound, melody and dreams and the co-existence of the masculine and feminine. A work with no pre-determined ending or beginning and a piece that embodies the sum of their combined resonances.

The true feminine is the receptacle of love. The true masculine is the spirit that goes into the eternal unknown in search of meaning. The great container, the Self, is paradoxically both male and female and contains both…..without the true masculine spirit and the true feminine love within, no inner life exists. If we try to make perfection outside, to concretise our unconscious inner ideal, we kill our imagination. We are left holding our life in our rigid moulds. To be free is to break the stone images and let life and love flow. (Addiction to Perfection; The Still Unravished Bride….a psychological study by Marion Woodman)