Florentine Truffle Dinner



Florentine Truffle Dinner

Food and fashion take equal billing with me. Actually if I had a choice between incredible food and incredible clothes, I might pick food. Not negotiable during our Florence installation was a focus on food and wine that respected the area. Other than the multiple lampredotto’s that punctuated my days, the last night of the Installation culminated in a supremely decadent dinner which incorporated locally sourced truffles from entree through dessert, wines from a local producer descended from the Mona Lisa bringing a few secrets from their cellar to delight our guests, tableware from Ginori 1735 which for me captures the aesthetic of Florence and an elaborate still life tableau across the dining room that encapsulated the decadence of the occasion.

Corsini Events had worked with us since the inception of the installation on everything from venue sourcing, wrought iron structures handmade in Mugello, complex logistics and display, general emotional support, unsurpassed local insight, sourcing rare wine through Jacopo Pandolfini and enabling the incredible dinner through Tobias at Galateo Ricevimenti. The heart and passion of these individuals I had the privilege of meeting simply cannot be overtstated and I treasure our conversations and tussles on the importance of food, wine and design with all its nuance. Following the installation I was lucky enough to experience truffle hunting on the Guicciardini Strozzi estate in San Gimingnano. The ultimate respite after an intense few weeks and as always the forest was restorative……..