I had a vision of a collaboration with Kailis, having been a customer of theirs for many years. I adore pearls and everything associated with pearls including an unusual fixation with oysters and their history (don’t get me started, you’ll get bored)……..Suffice to say I’m a jewellery obsessional whether it’s studying gemmology as I did when I was young, or just being an avid admirer of Belperron, Verdura and others. Being able to collaborate on something which incorporates all of my passions and to take it to an international city of beauty is nothing short of a dream. Stones hand-selected to align with specific greens distilled from the images of our textiles and our photo shoots…cut, then polished and then set to create a tonal value that evokes nature, not artifice. These works with Kailis are made to order. If you get one, be prepared to talk about it because people will ask……



Readings of Burke, Kant and Ruskin led to a mission finding beauty in the most unlikely places. A tonal study of pebbles, moss and fine leaves on a wintery day in the hills.
A tonal study of leaves, seeds and pods in greens, beiges and chocolate. Look closely for the hidden cigarette butt, which reinforces we should never to let minor imperfections ruin the beauty of a thing