Sustainability and ethics in business and in fashion are ‘not negotiables’ for us.

That means

  • Local production by people and businesses we can meet, understand and create with so we can all be profitable and ensure valuable skills don’t leave our communities. Fashion is a beautiful and ‘difficult to master’ craft and we must maintain a chain of this in Australia.
  • We don’t do seasons, we don’t go on sale, we don’t do fast fashion. We are creating a library of clothing that is effortless and without season, because real style has no season……the brown Levi’s leather jacket my father used to wear as a teenager comes with two generations of rebellion, love and tragedy……we are creating that now with an edge that translates to any wearer any time.
  • Australian digital printers that understand our vibe, that create limited edition runs and that we know will treat our intellectual property with integrity.
  • Treasuring rather than trashing the antique patina of the ‘ends’ of fabric rolls and thinking consciously about how these characteristics might enhance our textile designs.
  • Thinking differently about how we can source the high-end, chunky and bespoke handknits we desperately want and finding an incredible company, KocoGlobal, that supports regional Indian women learning maths and a trade that will change their life.
  • Working with entrepreneurial recycled material suppliers to come up new fabrics that can replace prior traditional versions…..look out for our new delustered satin in ball skirts and double breasted jackets ; made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.
  • Using our grandmother’s techniques to find ways of experimenting with offcuts and vintage fabrics to create stunning 1900’s style shirtfronts amongst other one-off creations.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly.

We pride ourselves on human relationships that are sustainable.

We believe in humans, their frailty, their creativity, their best intentions and the resilience that comes with a relationship borne of integrity and mutual benefit.

We don’t compromise on character.